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Monday, July 4, 2011

Surrender to Grace

4 July 2011

Independence day? Hardly.  Today is about surrender.  I'm in surgery prep, including a bowel cleanse - very unpleasant. I'm also spending the time writing, meditating, and communicating with family.  It's a good day.

I realize that I must, for the next few days, completely surrender.  Once the surgery starts, I will be asleep.  Even when I awake, I will be physically weakened, and cognitively impaired by the medications.  For some time, I will be unable to help myself in any way.  

In the past, this would have scared me deeply, and I would be lying if I said I had no anxiety today.  I do.  At the same time, I feel myself uplifted by grace, and I see divine grace everywhere.

I see grace in the skillful surgeon's hands.

I see grace in the knowledge and commitment of the professionals who will be caring for me while I'm in the hospital.

I see grace in the loving support I've received from Cathy and my family, and in the blessings and prayers I've received from many, many people.

And I see grace in the innate healing capacity and impulse that is within me, that I know will begin to take me along a path to healing, even before I'm able to assert myself.

I feel showered in grace, and I'm grateful to be able to surrender, and to know that grace will sustain me, and that all will unfold as it should.



Courtney Miller said...

You are in our thoughts & prayers Joe! Blessing, love & light may it shine down on you and your family.
Be well,
Luke & Courtney

Jean Day said...

Joe, you have surrendered with such grace, you are such an inspiration to us all...thinking of you as you are in the healing hands of your surgeon...may your path to healing continue to be filled with twice the positive energy you have sent out through out your life...sweet thoughts go out to Cathy and Rose who care and worry for you too. Some one let us know if we can help with, cleaning etc!

Mellissa Rudder, MT, Director, Logophile said...

It has been years since I've been graced with your beautiful smile and spirit in a yoga class. But never once have I forgotten the gifts that you gave to me in your teachings. I hope that you are able to move through the next weeks with grace and ease, surrounded by the love and light of everyone whose lives you have touched. I will hold you in my prayers.

With love,