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Friday, December 10, 2010

Sharing Thoughts

I will be sharing a few thoughts with you in this blog.  As you read, you will agree with some of these thoughts, but not all.  There will be an impulse for you to share your thoughts, and if we were together, we would compare thoughts.  You would say what you think, and I would say what I think about what you think, and so on.  If we agree in our thinking, we would create a pleasant ego boost for each other.  If we disagree, our egos would clash in unpleasant conflict.

Whether we agree or disagree, I do not to go with you into the place of 'I think.' Rather, I invite you to go with me to a place of 'I am.'  'I am' is an opening to awareness beyond the limits of thought.  In this new, expanded awareness, we can each be aware of the thoughts that enter into our minds, and recognize that the gift of thought is a useful tool, and, at the same time, a limited one.

From this place of expanded awareness, we can each observe in two directions - let's call these directions inward and outward.  Our observations engender two key understandings.  It is difficult to describe our observations and understandings, because words are tools of thought, and we are observing from an awareness beyond the limits of thought.  Any description we use will be self-limiting.  Nevertheless, I will try.

Looking inward, we see the manifest world as we know it. We observe the thoughts that pass through the mind-space, the experiences we have in our lives, and all that we sense and do with our physical bodies.  Looking inward, we realize that the manifest world is all that we see most of the time, and our awareness is dominated by 'I think'.  Most significantly, we realize that what 'I think' isn't all that important.

Looking outward offers a more profound understanding.  When we turn the camera around from what we focus on most of the time, we catch a glimpse of the divine source.  This is the source of 'I am.'  It is the infinite, unmanifest source of all that is manifest.  Beyond words, beyond thought, beyond our capacity to comprehend, the divine is the source of all the gifts we receive.  When we open to the source, we come to know that every individual is a unique and beautiful manifestation of the divine source, and each of us shares the same divine light.

This knowing is called awakening.  

We are all invited to awaken.  In the past, only a small number of individuals were capable of expanded awareness.  We called them sages, saints, avatars.  Today, this awareness is available to everyone.  All of humanity is awakening to oneness.  Of course, some will choose to remain asleep.  Some will resist the shift in awareness. That's sad.  But, it is not so important, for, when the water level rises, all the boats float higher.

The water level is rising.  The awakening of humanity is underway.  You and I are invited.  

The ideas in this blog are designed to help you along your path of awakening.  My intent is to help you know the truth: that all we have is a gift from the divine, that each of us is an expression of divine grace, and that we are one in the divine light.  Please enjoy these gifts.