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Monday, October 4, 2010

We are ready to evolve

We are ready to evolve.

We have reached a point where thinking, which has served humanity so well for thousands of years, is now creating as many problems as it solves. Where we can create a stack of books, as high as the mountains, filled with logical thoughts supporting one side of an issue, and an equally high, equally logical stack supporting the other side, and the debate gets us no closer to resolving the issue. Where great institutions, based entirely on scientific research (a set of ideas), like western medicine, now cause as much harm as good. (Did you know that the number three cause of death in the USA is western medicine?) Where governments and organizations based on the rule of law (another set of ideas) have become mostly disfunctional, unable to meet the needs of their people or resolve the issues they face. (in the US, congress changes from one party to the other every two years, and is gridlocked during the time in between, unable to function in any meaningful way.)

We are ready to evolve.

We have reached a point where our thinking can destroy us, as easily as it can save us. We are fully capable of thinking our way into self destruction. Are we capable of thinking our way out of it?

We are ready to evolve.

We have reached a point where every major religion based on a set of beliefs (thoughts) has internal factions that use their beliefs to justify killing and destroying. Where the spiritual messages of the great teachers on whom these religions are founded have been lost in a jumble of dogmas (thoughts) and rules that serve the religious hierarchy, but little else. Where religion is used to justify harm as often as for healing.

We are ready to evolve.

We, humanity, are ready to grow beyond the limits of our thinking. Thought, which has empowered human evolution for ten millennia, no longer serves us in this way. We have reached a glass ceiling, were our thinking limits our evolution.

We are ready to evolve beyond these limits. This does not mean that we will abandon thought. Rather, we are ready to grow in awareness, to be aware of both the way that thinking serves us, and how it limits us.

We are ready to experience an expanded, spiritual awareness. Through this awareness, we will guide our thoughts, our experiences, and our actions, to create a better world for humanity, and for all life.

In the past, such expanded awareness was accessable to just a few individuals. We called these people enlightened, Buddha, Christ, saints or sages. Now, the gift of awareness is offered to us all. We are all ready to evolve.

As Dr. David Hawkins says, homo erectus evolved into homo sapiens, and now we are ready to grow, to become homo spiritus. This step in evolution requires us each to evolve personally - and for us to evolve together in community, in humanity.

We are ready! Will you join us?


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